Definition: Taking responsibility for the direct and indirect consequences of corporate activities

Doing ‘good’ is no longer about individual choice, as businesses across the world embrace their responsibilities for sustainable and transparent operation, staff development, and working with a social conscience.

At SBS Print Group our commitment to Corporate and Social Responsibility is embraced and communicated throughout the business, from top management to operatives on the shop floor. It informs our decision making to guarantee we always act in an ethical, sustainable and accountable way.

We believe that a good business has the good of its employees, suppliers, customers and the wider community at heart, and that by being responsible we will benefit from a reputation built on trust.

Our approach covers three main areas:

Social Responsibility

At SBS, this means looking after our employees, providing a safe and inclusive environment with opportunities to grow.

We also foster positive relationships with likeminded suppliers, the local communities within which we operate, and the grassroots charities which make a fundamental difference to them.

Economic Responsibility

SBS Print Group operate in a compliant, transparent manner, providing goods of the highest quality and taking our obligations to customers, employees and the entire supply chain seriously.

We stay ahead of legislative changes and trends in the marketplace, harnessing them to ensure we remain both competitive and efficient, while sourcing to ethical standards.

Environmental Responsibility

As we move along our decarbonisation pathway to Carbon Neutrality, we are taking action to reduce our Carbon footprint.

Furthermore, SBS are determined to maintain the right conditions for sustainable growth by constantly reviewing our production processes to use the latest environmentally friendly methods -from vegetable-based inks to water based coatings.

Our ISO 14001 certification demonstrates our environmental principles which see us continually strive to reduce energy consumption, and adopt practices to minimise the impact of what we do.

It’s good business to be an ethical business, being exceptional today and here tomorrow.

Mark Lockley, Managing Director SBS Print Group

Looking towards the future

We believe that our business will prosper by acting responsibly and, moreover, will thrive as our reputation as a good business attracts like-minded companies; CSR is as simple as that.

However, we have to build our reputation and spread the word by practicing what we preach; we want to be recognised in the Printing Industry as a leader.

The future of the World depends upon our actions today – in order to survive, not just in business, we need to look after, preserve and protect what really matters.