How to get the most from every print project

How to get the most from every print project

Despite living in a very advanced digital world, there is still a very big demand for printed material. Not everyone wants to read a brochure, sales literature, or magazine online, and in fact printed material can often make a much bigger impact on potential and existing customers.

There’s something to be said for a tangible product.  Something that you can touch, feel and even smell can leave a much bigger impression than online advertisements and emails.


Get the design right – invest in quality

When working on print projects, investing in a quality designer can be worth its weight in gold.  A professional and experienced designer can be the difference in printed collateral making a punch, or falling flat.  Whether you chose to employ someone in-house, or work with a freelancer, look for someone who can offer a well-rounded service, providing advice on things such as colour schemes, fonts and images.  This can be invaluable in the long run and ensure consistence across all of your collateral.


Don’t dismiss specialist coatings, printing techniques, or paper

Although it will add to the total cost of printing, an embossed paper, metallic effect or a special coating can take your print collateral from zero to hero, especially if you’re looking to convey a specific message.    With special effects developing and transforming all the time, choose to work with a professional print house that has a vested interest in keeping at the forefront of technology, like Streamline Press.  We keep our customers updated with the latest print technologies, to allow their printed collateral to give them a strategic edge.


Choose a print company that knows their onions

When selecting a print company, speak to colleagues and other businesses you deal with to get recommendations.  Speak to more than one printer to find out their capabilities and test how good their customer service is – drop them a line via email, or leave them a message on their website.  Response times from an initial enquiry can often indicate how good their customer service team is in all other aspects.

It’s also worth looking for a large, commercial print company that can provide all of your print services under one roof.  This saves time and often money, giving you a single point of contact.


Widen your search

It’s common for companies to gravitate towards their local printers – the perception is that having a printer around the corner means you’re in safer hands.  This is not often the case.

A large, reputable commercial printer will be able to provide unrivalled customer service to all customers, whether they be round the corner or 100 miles away.  These printers will invest heavily in an experienced sales and account management team, to ensure that no matter where you are located, they can provide a tip-top service.  Look for a printer that is able to give you one single point of contact, with access to an expert who can visit you to discuss your next project, should you require.

An added advantage would be to source a print company with its own delivery drivers.  When working on a complex print project, with demanding deadlines, you will benefit from a flexible service which often can only come from a commercial printer servicing the whole of the UK.

Streamline Press are experts in both digital and lithographic printing; whatever your print requirements, we can help.