And So It Begins….

A new press arriving is usually just exciting for the team that will be using it. The printers get excited about a shiny new piece of kit to play with, The sales team are excited about letting all their customers know its arrived and the MD is excited about the promised efficiencies it will bring.

But things have changed.

This latest investment is a game changer for all that work with Streamline press.

Yes, it’s a brand new shiny press. Yes, it will be more efficient than its predecessors and yes, it will print a higher quality sheet.

But the biggest change will not be the speed, the quality or the efficiency of the press. It won’t be automation

that will be reducing lead times. It’s not the fact that with reduced waste our carbon footprint will fall along with the impact to the environment.

All those things are huge and will have a massive impact on the finished result our customers will see and experience when working with us.

The real excitement comes with the promise of guaranteed, repeatable colour control. Knowing that if you print a jo

b today, next month it can be reproduced to the exact same measurable colour with little effort. The Fact that hard colour proofs are no longer required for us to hit colour standard every time. The fact that colour controls are built into the press and are monitored as we print, not once we take a sheet out. The fact that consistency will be guaranteed for not only from start to finish but from print run to print run, all to ISO 12647-2 :2013

If you have any questions then please speak to your usual contacts at Streamline or email