It’s not just another job

Sometimes there are those special projects that just aren’t any old job.  They need extra special care and attention.

They may be colour critical, have a special finish or they could be technically demanding. Either way, you want to know that the right amount of care and attention will be taken during production.

So, before you select which printer you want to work with, you should be asking these 4 key questions.

How do you manage special projects through production?

At Streamline we hold a pre-production meeting at the start of anything that needs that extra special care.  The meeting will include members form each department and we discuss in depth any potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.  Experts from each department have an input so we can prevent anything going wrong. It also flags up the importance of the project so the whole factory is aware and will look out for it as it reaches their department.

Who will keep me updated?

Upon placing your job, the first thing you will see from your dedicated Account Manager is an Order Confirmation.  This details everything we are going to do along with the planned delivery date.  This gives you another chance to see that we have interpreted your instructions clearly.

Once you have signed off proofs it can be a daunting and anxious wait until you see the finished product. Having constant contact with your Account Manager, who is available at any time if you need an update, is vital.

You will also have access to key departments so if you need to discuss a technical issue with our studio for example you can.  They have a dedicated direct phone number you can call and speak to the team that are actual working on your project and you will also have a direct email address you can use to contact them.

Do you have the latest technology to produce my project to the highest possible standards?

At Streamline we have a constant investment program to ensure our equipment is the best it can be. Brand new presses don’t come cheap but our latest £2,000,000 investment on a new press will ensure the highest quality possible. Added to that the ISO certificates we hold for quality, colour and environment ensure we are independently assessed to ensure we constantly performing to the highest standards.

Have you produced anything similar in the past?

It’s vital that whoever you work with is experienced in what you need to produce.  You wouldn’t want a builder who has only built a garden wall in the past to build your luxury dream home!  Ask to see samples that are similar to your project. A good printer will always have a range of samples that can demonstrate their skills and experience and will be delighted to share these with you.

Whichever printer you decide to work with, you need to be comfortable that they will care as much as you do and have the processes and equipment in place to be able or produce your work the highest standard.

If you have a project that needs that extra special care and attention, why not give Streamline a call, we are always happy to help!