Our love of print

We might be biased but we love print and it seems that we are not alone.

Time and time again, printed has come out on top of the most trustworthy form of communication. This is one reason at the beginning of the pandemic, The government chose to write to every household outlining its plans and what it needed us all to do.

Royal Mail research showed that 96% of all mail was engaged with during lockdown (up from 91% the year before) with 88% reporting that they paid as much or more attention to flyers landing on their doormats than before lockdown, interacting with each item of mail 4.5 times on average.

And what’s more the resurgence of interest in direct mail spans all age groups, particularly those aged 18 to 34 who account for 24% of people engaging with their post during lockdown.

Amanda Griffiths, head of communications planning at Royal Mail MarketReach, commented: “The pandemic has meant that home has become and will remain an important and safe place for people, creating the ideal environment for them to engage with direct mail more deeply than ever. Now is the perfect time for brands to deepen their customer relationships and drive revenue through mail.

Jicmail and Trinity McQueen conducted research on behalf of Royal Mail MarketReach between April and June 2020 which established that the number of people venturing online after being prompted by an item of mail increased 70% year-on-year.

There are so many ways you can make your print engaging from tactile coatings and finishes through to clever folds. And even though QR codes came about in the ’90s, they have also had a resurgence recently as marketers are starting to see the benefits of tracking interactions and delivering a more tailored message.

If you would like our help to fall in love with print all over again then we would love to hear from you