Perfect Print Takes A Team

Producing the perfect print for your business is a team effort. It requires expertise, enthusiasm and an eye for detail at every single step. Meet some of the SBS Print Group team responsible for wowing our customers at each stage of the print process.


Meet Jake

  • Department:
    Customer Services
  • Years in print: 29

“Achieving the perfect print isn’t always straightforward – that’s because each client’s requirements, style, budget and measure of success is different. Client relationships are so important to make sure we understand what they’re looking for and keep in touch throughout the process. This level of communication really stands out – there really is nothing more satisfying than getting an email from a client after the job is finished praising our work.”


Meet Martin

  • Department:
  • Years in print: 30

“Our job is about so much more than making the sale and moving on – we’re problem solvers and our customers rely on our expertise to get the result they’re looking for in the timeframe they need it. We’ve got a real breadth of expertise at SBS that I really value when I’m problem solving. Coming up with a solution that’s exactly right for them, that they might not have thought of previously, is a great feeling.”


Meet Matt

  • Department:
  • Years in print: 25

“Accuracy is everything when it comes to producing the perfect finished article, and pre-press is vital to making sure the customer is happy with the final result. I take real pride in meticulously making sure proofs are perfect so we’re producing high quality, professional print every single time.”


Meet Ian

  • Department:
  • Years in print: 40

“Having the opportunity to operate the latest presses is a dream. The tools I have now enable me to print to the highest standard and I’m really proud of the results we can now achieve with our HD printing. I love it when customers come in to press pass. I feel I can really help them get the results they are looking for and that they appreciate the expertise I can offer.”


Meet Dave

  • Department:
  • Years in print: 41

“It may come at the end of the print process, but finishing makes a huge difference to the way a customer’s final product looks. Adding the final touches and getting print work ready to dispatch is a job I take really seriously – it can be the difference between a customer being delighted or disappointed, And of course, getting the feedback to say they were delighted is fantastic!”


Meet Leroy

  • Department:
  • Years in print: 18

“Mine is the best role at SBS as I get to deliver the fantastic work we produce to the customer. There’s often a real buzz of excitement as the final products are delivered, and I love being the one to do it!”


Meet Sharon

  • Department:
  • Years in print: 12 years Finance

“We are a tight-knit team, so me and my finance department like to work closely with everyone across the business. I like to ensure that I know exactly which jobs we’ve got scheduled and for when, and that everything is covered from a financial point of view. It is a pleasure when Customers & Suppliers visit us on site and we are able to get to know them and their businesses. It gives me a real sense of pride to be part of the SBS family and to be able to support smooth customer experiences.”