Carbon balanced, carbon neutral and net zero

Whats the differecne between carbon balanced, carbon neutral and net zero?

No doubt you will have heard all sorts of phrases and jargon banded about by different organisations and industries. Each one making different claims about their green credentials so it can be confusing as to what they all mean so you might find it helpful to refer to this list for brief definitions.

Carbon Balanced

This is a starting point for ‘green credentials’, we all begin our ‘Net Zero’ journey here. You can carbon balance the paper element of your print run very cheaply as most of this will be covered directly by the merchants already. You can also balance your production output by simply calculating your total emissions and use an offset scheme to capture the same amount. This is all fine but needs no actual commitment to reduce the emissions you release so can be seen as a bit of smoke screen.




Carbon neutral

There are many steps on our Net-Zero pathway, and becoming a carbon neutral printer is certainly the most significant for us, so far. By showing our commitment as an organisation, we are following an actionable plan of decarbonisation, and offsetting our residual carbon emissions, by purchasing Gold Standard carbon credits, and are proud to have achieved the Carbon Neutral Status (certified: CarbonQuota).

We remeasure our carbon footprint yearly to see our reductions and continually develop our plan accordingly

Net zero

Net-zero is the dream, and should be for all businesses. It encompasses other greenhouse gases such as methane, but first requires that all greenhouse gases are reduced in line with a pathway that limits global warming to 1.5°C. Becoming a Net-zero organisation requires a company to have completed its plan of decarbonisation as far as reasonably possible, reducing its carbon emissions to zero.

Where total zero output is not possible, offsetting the residual carbon through the purchase of credits is permissible.