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Read about some of the print projects we’ve delivered, and find out how our dedicated team helped customers solve problems or meet their objectives through innovative print solutions.

Inspired Thinking Group


The Problem

When ITG approached us just a couple of days before Christmas for a Santa type challenge, we jumped at the chance.

Four different colour critical look books were required for prestigious clothing mail order company, Joules. These were needed at 15 addresses across Europe for an international launch on January 5th.

The Challenge, artwork wouldn’t be ready until December 23rd!

How we helped

Our ISO 12647 accredited Colour Management System allows us to produce colour accurate proofs, ensuring there would be no colour matching problems when we got to press.

Our flexible workforce, and full in house production facilities allowed us to print, fold and stitch these important brochures in record time. Using our inline coating unit meant the sheets were ready to fold as soon as they came of the press, reducing the production time even further.

These were then stitched and trimmed before being collected by our army of international courier’s on December 30th. With only one full working day between collection and the launch, we were still up against it but all deliveries were successfully made right on time.

What ITG had to say:

The challenge we set to Jon and the team at SBS was enormous but they accepted it and delivered on every level.

” The books were produced to the highest standard, earlier than requested and without any fuss. I’m not entirely sure how they did but a huge thanks must go to the team! ”
Jason Adams, Customer Service Director

Cash Generators

Cash Generators

The Problem

With over 200 stores nationwide, Cash Generators need to supply a large variety of different point of sale items to each store. Each store required a different selection of items ranging from simple leaflets through to large signage and all produced on varying substrates. Ensuring brand constancy and the safe delivery of all items was essential.

How we helped

Having the facilities to produce everything from A0 banners through to A5 leaflets in house ensured we were able to not only ensure consistency across various substrates but also able to collate and pack the various items as required in a very short space of time.

What Cash Generators had to say:

We had a nationwide campaign which we needed to get out to our estate on a very tight timescale. Wayne and the team were very accommodating and more than happy to rise to the challenge. We had experienced problems with past suppliers delivering our marketing collateral in sub-standard packaging meaning the items were damaged on arrival. We made SBS aware of this and they were quick to alleviate our concerns. We were kept fully informed as the job progressed and the items arrived quickly and in perfect condition.

“We are very happy with the service provided by SBS and will continue to work with them on a regular basis.”
Cash Generators

Royal Crown Derby

Royal Crown Derby

The Problem

It’s one thing being able to print high end colour critical brochures but at SBS we like to look at the objectives of the whole project or campaign. By having a better understanding of what our customers are trying to achieve allows us to offer help and advice outside of our core print activity.

When Royal Crown Derby’s normal mailing house couldn’t achieve a tight deadline over Christmas, we were only too happy to offer our services.

How we helped

By asking the right questions and using our expertise, not only did we ensure the magazine arrived on time, we managed to reduce our customer’s international postage bill by half.

What Royal Crown Derby had to say:

Royal Crown Derby have been working on a regular basis with SBS since May 2014. We find them exceptionally helpful in providing a prompt and accurate service whether it be a quotation or guidance on a project basis. We use SBS to print a regular customer magazine whilst using our normal fulfilment house.

“We had a crisis prior to Christmas whereby there was a tight deadline to achieve both print and fulfilment in between Christmas and New Year to capture the customers’ purchasing straight after Christmas. Our normal fulfilment house were unable to provide the service in the time line we required and we requested SBS’s assistance. Not only did they offer their own fulfilment supplier who could achieve the deadline but came up with a cost solution by looking at the current European mailing costs for us, confirming a revised cost which saved us just over half the amount to send and the magazine arrived on time. ”
Fiona Atkinson, Marketing Manager



 The Problem

Ensuring your print accurately reflects your products can be a real challenge which was what was facing Plasmor, the luxury paving manufacturers.

They were producing a sales tool for one of their paver layers who needed a colour accurate brochure that they could show their customers when planning a new drive.

How we helped

Our Complete Colour Management system is accredited to ISO 12647 which is an internationally recognised standard for colour.

Our proofs are calibrated to our presses and everything is controlled by our Colour Management hub. This means that the proofs you receive when you trust us with your work are a true reflection of how your brochure will print.

Sheets are then scanned by our Hub which measures not only ink density but also dot gain and other print parameters. This information is then fed back to the press ensuring accurate, constant colour matching throughout the print run.

What Plasmor had to say:

”Some of our colours are very similar so we needed a brochure that could reflect that. When you are choosing a new drive, you will often spend a long time deciding on the right colour. We can’t have our customers choosing one colour and ending up with something different.”
Nikki Pearson, Creative Director