Our Starting point

We appointed CarbonQuota to independently assess and calculate our carbon footprint for the operations under our direct control. With our scope 1 and 2 emissions measured we have now put our decarbonisation plan into place. With our commitment to continually reduce our carbon footprint along with offsetting our residual emissions, we have achieved carbon neutral status.



What’s next?

We have already made a great start in implementing strategies and plans for carbon reduction. Our ‘Green Team’ is now working throughout each department, constantly looking for ways to improve. We are already switching to 100% renewable and have restructured our 3 production sites which will halve our footprint over the next 12 months.

You can see our full strategy here

Join us on our journey

Although reaching net zero might seem like a long journey, we are proud to be taking every step we can to reach our destination. But we know our progress is not far enough and will continue to push for more innovation. more reductions in consumption and all-round more sustainable practices in our industry and beyond.

Our carbon calculator precisely calculates the complete carbon footprint of each project every time we produce a quote. This helps us work with our clients to engineer their print to have the lowest carbon cost and then offset this to achieve carbon-neutral print.

We hope that our clients and partners are able to join us on the journey and share in the excitement at making the world that bit more sustainable


The difference between carbon balanced, carbon neutral and net zero