Just wanted to plant the seed…

Along with most companies, SBS are on a constant journey to reduce our impact on the environment. From ensuring our presses are CO2 neutral at the point of purchase through to installing waste compactors to effectively collect and compact waste paper ready for recycling. Every time We make an investment, we are looking at ways that it can positively impact the environment.

We also take our responsibility to help our customers reduce their impact very seriously too.

Helping our customers navigate the complex world of papers for example like what’s the difference between FSC and carbon balanced papers or what are the options for 100% recycled stocks.

We also stand firm with our values when choosing what presses we invest in. For over 20 years we have always opted for presses with a water based coating unit. This allows us to offer a variety of environmentally friendly coatings to give an enhanced finish. These range from our very popular soft touch coating through to a very high gloss finish.

And to demonstrate what these coatings can do we have created a booklet that shows a variety of different stocks with different coatings on so you can see which option is the best for your project.

This guide is fantastic for designers and marketers at the planning stages and all you have to get in touch.

And to help sew the seed of inspiration we are launching our latest initiative with our sunflower competition. We have mailed out over 2kg of sunflower seeds to our customers asking them to plant the seeds and see who can grow the tallest sunflower by August 16th. If you would like to take part, just let us know and we can send you some seeds too.

And just like working with SBS, you’re not on your own! We have also planted seeds around our sites and if you wanted to sponsor one of our plants on site please make a minimum donation of £10 to The Woodland Trust and we will nominate a plant for you.

For tips on growing an exceptional sunflower, there is some great advice here https://www.countryliving.com/uk/homes-interiors/gardens/how-to/a575/how-when-to-plant-sunflower-seeds/