Premium finish and even better, its plastic free!

Over the years SBS have worked tirelessly to reduce their impact on the environment while still delivering high quality, premium print.

Using vegetable based inks, achieving ISO 14001 and FSC certification, separating printed and white waste for effective recycling and investing in the latest presses to reduce waste to start with are just a few examples.

More recent initiatives include investments in the latest presses to reduce set up waste and our colour management systems that reduces the need for a hard copy proof.

Traditionally to give your print a premium finish, a laminate on the cover was usually specified but now the options have changed.

SBS have been working closely with our ink and coating manufactures to deliver a range of premium water based coatings to give your print a premium finish.

These are different to an oil based sealer varnish that will soak into the paper, these are water based coatings that sit on top of the sheet and deliver a premium finish. And what’s best, unlike a laminate, they are totally plastic free!!

In our range we have 4 different finishes. Gloss, Matt, Satin and the latest option, Soft touch. These coatings are applied at the same time as printing which as well as giving a premium finish, also reduce cost.

Premium finishes would often just be saved for the cover but as the coating is applied while printing, it is also used throughout the whole document. This gives a complete finish throughout the whole brochure or document.

For more options when it comes to producing sustainable print, take a look here

Seeing really is believing, especially with our latest soft touch option so please drop us a line for a sample pack –