The Importance of Colour

Those in the know understand that getting the colour right for your printed material is essential to make your brand stand out in a crowd.  Get it wrong and you could be sending your potential customers the wrong message, and that could prove a costly mistake.

So why does colour matter? 

Colours are synonymous with memories and emotions.  A favourite colour from childhood, or a special place, or even a negative experience.  If we have a favourite football team, then you will associate the team’s colours with positivity, and so on.

Don’t be fooled by gender when choosing colours.

Often, when marketing items to females, pinks and purples are used.  Likewise, for men, blue is the obvious choice!

However, that’s not always the case… some will associate pink as a small girls’ colour, and in fact studies have shown that women like blues and greens as well as purple.  Orange and brown, on the other hand, are not liked much by both men and women.

Colours speak louder than words

Colour should be chosen not only on the demographic, but also on the type of product or service you are representing.  For example, if you are a company who has an environmentally friendly image, a green, blue and yellow colour palette are often the colours of choice as they are part of nature’s canvas.

The use of red can often have a negative impact and is used to represent the word ‘no’ – all road signs prohibiting you from driving a certain way (no entry, no right turn etc.) are always red.  When a traffic light turns red it means stop.  So if you are going to use red on your printed material, limit its use and complement it with a calmer palette so a wider audience will appreciate it.

Remember the science of colour… the colour you use for your print material will have a lot to say about your company and your brand, so you need to choose carefully.

And if you are still not sure about your colour scheme, speak to us!