The Power of Print

The Power of Print

Printed materials are more trusted. When you see a well printed piece of marketing, research has shown that this gives the message greater credibility than its digital counterparts – in essence, you can trust what you read.

By contrast, how many emails do you receive whose legitimacy you question if it’s from an unknown source?

According to a recent Ofcom survey, 87% of people turned to printed media, such as direct mail and newspapers, as a reputable source of COVID 19 information. When it comes to social media, while 49% of people frequently use it as a means of accessing news, for Covid19 information that number dropped to 37%, suggesting that on key important information, printed material was considered more trustworthy.

Not only that, JICMAIL’s Q2 2020 analysis revealed that interaction with direct mail was at an all-time high since tracking mail activity started in 2017. On average, direct mail received this year has been interacted with 4.58 times, staying in the home for 8.5 days on average, or 7 days for door drop leaflets.

It’s clear that print has an important role to play in your marketing mix.

Print engages more of the senses, providing real impact. So often when our customers see the first copies of their new brochures, the first thing they do is pick it up, feel the texture of the paper and even appreciate the smell! And by adding specialist coatings and finishes, this can help make your message and content even more memorable.

According to Royal Mail Market Reach, 75% of people say that catalogues give them ideas of things to do or buy. Not only that, but 86% of people stated they keep hold of catalogues for a period of time and share them with others.

And with 63% of people finding it easier to browse a physical catalogue rather than an online version (or even get out to a store at the moment), there is a strong argument in favour of a printed catalogue or brochure. Especially now when we are all spending more time at home where there is a captive audience and a channel that’s less noisy, therefore easier to be heard.

This is where SBS can help.

We can help give your brand credibility. SBS HD print  brings your images to life, providing exceptional impact.

Our range of water-based coatings can enhance the touch and feel of your print too. For example, our latest soft touch coating compares to the finish of a soft touch laminate but without the expense of added plastic.

Our difference is our people. We are a bunch of enthusiastic experts who are full of ideas to help you get the most from your print in a cost effective way.

And we are always on hand to help – why not get in touch for a chat about your next project and how your business can harness the power of print –