Sheraton Skyline

The problem.

We love these sort of emails, honestly, we really do!

“Hi Adam

We have a corporate event on Saturday and when our guests sign in, we want it to be fun and different. Sorry, but we only have two days to design and print a card that stands out and is in keeping with the hotel brand.”

The team at Sheraton Skyline had organised a corporate event and wanted to turn the chore of signing into a more fun and engaging event. Time was not on our side and there were two days until the event and we needed to come up with the concept, create the design, produce and deliver to the hotel within 48 hours.

How we helped.

We thrive on these challenges and the team at SBS jumped straight to it and after some initial brainstorming, we had a few ideas. After bouncing some ideas back and forth with the Hotel team we finally came up with the final idea. The plan was to replicate an old airline ticket design that would be personalised for each guest. Each ticket would have the guest’s name on it along with a free drinks code, and their table number. This would make the whole process much more engaging as well as adding a bit of fun to the process.

In the space of 48 hours, we came up with the idea, created the design, printed and delivered the tickets, arriving in plenty of time for the event.

 What Sheraton Skyline had to say.

 ‘The old TWA airline ticket idea went down really well, and everyone thought it looked really funky. It made the chore of signing into the meeting an event in itself and we would like the Wifi cards to match this design.

 Helder Martins.